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This might be a stupid question, but have you done every single minigame that is available, like Character Cards, Bienfu Bounce, Coin Collector etc?


Also, check your enemy log. What I did was I went from category to category and hunted every monster that had a ??? under its drops. 

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If it helps, go to the EX dungeon, and if you have a portal to Chamber 6 open, go there, enter the chamber, see if it is a treasure room. If it is, open the chests and hope you get some Rarity 20 items (those were the only ones I was missing, had every other monster drop). If it isn't a treasure room, use a Denore bottle, re-enter and repeat until you get the treasure room. Good luck!

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4 hours ago, sona_11 said:

I'm working on drops from monsters. I played the character card and  waiters mini-game ( except for magi ) 

I'll try to play other mini-games and see 

thank you ~


I used this page for the locations of the different minigames: https://samurai-gamers.com/tales-of-berseria/minigames-locations-guide/


It's not 100% accurate and I'm not sure what "Dedication" is. Also, "Bield Marsh" is apparently the town west of Hellawes (forgot the name, sorry!). But it's a nice helpful guide when you're looking for the last few pieces :D


Coin Getter, Flag Checker and Character Bill (which is, in fact, Character Cards) all give different items at the different locations, so it's worth doing them all! Note that Character Cards gives you the reward after beating both Novice and Intermediate. 


Good luck, mate :)

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