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Guide of Collectibles [Videos]


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I know, answering year old posts isn't the kindest thing to to, but still I wanted to thank you for this great guide. I'm pretty sure, I'll never plat this game, but still get a few nice ultra-rares to show off. Actually I owe pretty much any trophy I got in this game to your guide. Even using it a second time now (and remembrerd to give you the thumbs up this time around =) )

Thanks again for your effort!

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On 3/18/2017 at 0:21 PM, xamo_92 said:



I have recorded a walkthrough which I show the collectible locations (ducks, cassettes, maps, letters and coins). If you are interested the reproduction list is: Videoguide of Collectibles

I estimate I have to upload 2 videos more.


And I have other list with only trophies ("The hat is back", "You can't beat a bit of bully", etc...) if you want to watch them.

Just wanted to say Thank YOU! I would never have done these trophies without your guide.

Actually came here looking for an answer to a section I can't pass through - because your guide is for ps4 and I'm playing the vita version and for some reason in my version there are spikes in an unreasonable place. (  youtu.be/68JzOf_zTOs?t=256)

 Anyway it gave me a great opportunity to say thank you. This is a great guide. damn this game to all hells...


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On 3/15/2023 at 11:53 AM, neaAch_ said:

Thanks a lot! ?

For other: be aware about 47/50 cassette. Jump on green block carefully, because if you will fly down, you won't come back... 1f605.png 

Thanks. I'm actually working with a video guide and manual save backups. This game is so annoying... everything you do is one try and poof.

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