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MuiMui Crane game


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  • 2 weeks later...

Might be a bit late, but "theaface", over on playstationtrophies found a really good way that will make this minigame actually doable, while helping you not go mad over that flimsy crane.





Hey all,

Just got the platinum trophy for LocoRoco earlier, and I discovered something useful during the crane mini game that should make it much easier to get 20 of each type of LocoRoco.

In short, flicking the DS4 upwards (motion control) causes the LocoRoco to flick up into the air. This is useful for dislodging any from the bottom of a pile, but also super effective in helping to grab and, most importantly, maintain a hold on some of the harder shapes. Press the trackpad to enable/disable motion controls.

Basically, as the crane lowers to grab something, keep spamming the upwards flick motion on the DS4. This makes it extremely likely that the grabber will prioritise the LocoRoco over other prizes. Keep spamming the move as the crane delivers your prize to the hatch on the left and it makes it almost impossible for the grabber to drop the LocoRoco (including the more slippery shapes).

As an added bonus, sometimes the flick motion can help capture LocoRoco without even using the crane!

Bonus Tip: Prioritise larger LocoRoco - the larger they are, the more they're worth. The largest ones I caught equated to 3 LocoRoco towards my target.

Bonus Tip 2: Don't worry about tracking what you've caught - once you have enough of any one type, the game tells you that you have enough of that colour and rewards you with 300 pickories instead.

Happy grabbing.


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