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For sure it's a great game, and I have always been a huge Dragonball Z fan. 
But each game has its flaws. Now I've been going for the platinum recently, aka just trying to get all the skills to drop while completing all the masters, I've noticed there are a few things that have been bothering me about Xenoverse, be it small game mechanics, AI behavior or other random things. These are mine:

when enemies fly just out of your reach constantly when you get close
when your allies decide to ki blast your enemy away when you are hitting a melee combo
3 enemies targetting you at once with your allies just standing there being Yamcha. I mean useless.
Spamehameha. PQ 47. Thank god for Tien's soul.
RNG skill drops even with elder kai.
Adult Gohan. Really, I hate him. 
fighting an enemy and they randomly fly away to target an ally on the other side of the map
RNG skill drops. 

Do you agree, disagree, or have any other things to add? 


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