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Is there a technique I don't know about? Or is there a better character?

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Hey. Often one guy or even several impress me with times that seem like they must have cheated. For example yesterday, collect 200 lums in the dojo as fast as you can. 25 seconds seemed like a great time, but one person did it in 15 seconds. Almost everytime there is a "get to the end as quickly as possible" in the land of the livid dead there are people who can do it in half the time that is required for gold and I don't see that much room for improvement in my movements and routes -  so I concluded that there must be something beyond alternating punches and hops and perfect timing. Is there?


Or maybe some teensie or Globox is better for doing the challenges?

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All characters are the same, but you're missing some moves. If you turn on the ghosts (pause the game during a challenge and you have the option to show none/friends/all ghosts) you'll see ghosts of people that are slightly better than you. If you get good enough you'll even get to see the ghosts of those ridiculous times... 

I admit that I can't do those moves either, unless by accident... Even after looking things up like somersault, buzzsaw attack and brake boost jump, I can't do them consistently.

A few days ago I thought I was very close to a diamond... but after reloading a few times I got a ghost of a gold cup which had a second less than me, I knew I could shave of maybe 0,5sec at max. So I just gave up on it. Gold it is for me and sometimes silver or bronze because certain types of challenges are not my thing, the dojo being one of them.


A whole thread about tips and tricks:


Some more reading:


Brake boost:


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