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Elite Dangerous 2.4: The Return Release Date


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Version 2.4 of Elite Dangerous, entitled The Return, will be out 26 September. This expansion adds war against the Thargoid alien species to the open world, after the aliens had disappeared for several decades. If you bought the physical Legendary edition or the digital Commander Deluxe edition, you already bought into the Horizons season pass and have access to this at no additional cost. If you didn't buy either of those two editions or the Horizons season pass, you'll need to buy the season pass to play it.

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On 02/10/2017 at 7:23 PM, LieutenantFatman said:

Curious that Xbox gets new achievements with this update but no new trophies. I'm guessing Microsoft paid for that privalige. 


If I look at that achievement list then I'm glad we get less trophies. So much specific grinding that people might not be interested in, even more so than the main trophy list.

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