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Tinkerbell Trophy?


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What am I supposed to do here?

Will try the catch em all speedrun today ^^. Hope it‘s not glitched, since still 0%.


And again: Uh, this game is great;-)

Sadly sales are - quote twitter - „not ok at all ...“

SMeatB-, Raymanfans, where are you? Don‘t miss this fun!

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Ah,thanks. I thought it had something to do with this bell ;-)


Do you know what the difference between the selfish and the standard speedrun is?

I mean, to be as fast as possible you will ignore almost all gold drops in standard mode, or are there different completion requirements for these two?


Btw.: I did the „catch them all speedrun“ took me way too long (had to redo some levels and the last 3 or 4 took me forever) not even bronze medal. Gold is 80 Minutes I think, took me 310 the first try ^^ 

No way will I 100% this.


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During a selfish speedrun, you just play all the levels one after the other without caring about the scientists or the warp zones. During a standard speedrun, you have to unlock every door of all the levels meaning you have to complete the game with some time spent inside the hub. Therefore, you have to save at least 80 scientists to unlock the area leading to the final stage. ;)

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