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Question about Ultimate Weapons and regarding the new patch?


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Just got the game and I gotta ask those who've progressed far enough to get everyone's Ultimate Weapons. Should I play through the game without the patch first and get the weapons or should I patch it up then get them because from what I've heard from a couple of players and the developer's note is that the patch isn't retroactive specifically to those weapons and that getting them all before the patch are crazy powerful compared to their patched counterparts? Is there a huge difference or is it barely noticeable?

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You should patch the game immediately.


The release version crashes frequently, so frequently I'm kind of surprised Sony certification didn't send it back. There's a particularly heartbreaking one that blue-screens you just as you were about to claim your rewards for fighting in the arena. You can also get crashes on dungeon exit, or when the game tries to play a cinematic. And these crashes can corrupt your save.


Slightly higher numbers on the ultimate weapons isn't worth it.

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