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mystery boxes

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 Just a word to the wise - From my experience so far, they are easy to find,
But, if you die, and end up Resting at the Inn,  (Even if the dungon isn't reset)  you lose the Weapon you put in there,

:\ Just lost my lv 17 Purple sword w Fire/poison and Crit Aug, (Was Devastating) 

so be carefull to what you put in that box, if you can't find the Mystery  box by the time you leave the dungeon, Or die, You lose it 

Never mind... It finnaly showed up, After back tracking and re-running dungeon (left to get a new weapon ... ) - Grrr 
xD oh well got it back (but the new weapon i crafted Has higher dmg  lol) 

Still O_O if you dont get that box an dungon is Closed - ya lose it 

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Found box
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