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Easier trophies than htoL#NIQ?


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This game is actually on sale on PSN (at least the UK one, for 6.99£), and I was thinking of giving it a chance (I wanted the physical edition, but I'm not interested in buying the limited from NISA). I liked Hotaru Nikki, but I had huge difficulties with the touch, at the point that some trophies were too difficult for me to obtain (plus, some trophies were actually difficult for real to obtain, like the one in the last chapter), are the trophies (and the game in general) slightly easier than in the previous game?


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I have yet to play this game (but I did plat in htoL#NiQ) and comparing trophies it looks much more easier (most of them are just time trials, no tricky ones like CONCENTRATION AAAAA).

Also, last chapter in htol#niq is easily doable if you have some kind of video recording device. But yes, this one trophy makes no sense at all.

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I'm currently playing the game and I'm close to finishing it. Most of the trophies are pretty much straightforward and can be done without really paying attention. There are some collectibles like the so called blood memories or memos. While some are hidden, none of them are really hard to find, but they require to think outside the box a little. Also, there are some miscellaneous trophies that require you to do certain actions, but none of these are missable either.


The only trophies that require a bit of skill are the time attack trophies and even they aren't really hard. Once you figured out how the puzzles work, you can finish most levels very quickly. If you can't do a level without dying or failing, you can practice a little and try to beat your times over and over. Oh and, yeah, the controls were improved so that they aren't as annoying as in HTOLNIQ. 


It's worth a buy, it's a highly underrated game. Wish it would have gotten more attention. 

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