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Star System Overhaul


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Hey Sly, It has been awhile since I have had anything new to suggest (because the site is nearly perfect) :P However, I was just talking today with someone else here of high influence (who will go unnamed) and we discussed how the star-system can be faulty as it is so easy to sabotage. To clarify, you could be a very popular member, but if you rub off the wrong way on someone, they can easily sabotoge your ranking within the site, and to me that seems unfair. I propose that instead the star system is linked somehow to the amount of likes your posts have gotten. It could be a certain number of likes is worth a certain star level, or it could be proportional to your posts. Regardless, I for one think the entire system should be overhauled to become more well......vindictive jerk proofed! :P What do you and everyone else think about this?

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