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I played through the story once and got 36% of the trophies. The ones I still need that I am not sure about how to accomplish are Mickey Finn, Rat in the Trap, Stalker, Chinatown, The Killer Unmasked, Night Moves, Dressed to Kill, Trust, Antitrust, Red Wire Blue Wire, Bomb Squad, Gross Misconduct, Dead or Alive, Truth Hurts, Fourth Degree, Wipeout, Goodbye World, and Blue Movies. Yes, I know thats a ton lol and I plan to play more tonight so it's very possible I'll have completed more trophies by then. But if anyone has info on how to accomplish these it would be much appreciated. 

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Bomb squad: at the end of my playtrhough, Becky got druged and kidnapped, whe woke up at a hotel, Vanstone was there also, laying on the floor with a bomb inside his stomach. Choose STAY, then don’t shoot at him, choose operate to remove the bomb.


Blue Movies: Playing with Becky, there was an investigation moment when you seach for clues, the same moment you run across Felicity, the spycam was one the 3 clues you need to look up, that’s how she finds it.


Truth hurts: Playing with Becky, I had to to convice Vanstone to get Finn out of jail at least for 3 hours, then took him to Adam’s house. There I got the chance to tell him about Calvary’s death


Chinatown: I got the ending where Becky turn in to the cops, and eveyone thinks she's guilty. That's where the trophy popped along with the rest of the trophies for having finished the game

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45 minutes ago, TheMercenaryK1ng said:


Make sure to calm down Vanstone before removing the bomb or Becky will die.


At Cabain you need to find the spy cam at end of Part 1, then pick it up at the end of Part 2 when you go back to that  cabain.


To get Chinatown, just make sure you don't find evidence about Simon, so everyone will buy Becky is the killer

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