Fully Bloated Trophy *Glitch* Walkthrough.

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For anyone who is having trouble obtaining this trophy here is what to do.

My game glitched me out of this trophy and i only needed this trophy for the platinum so i had to do a second playthrough but this should work if you are starting new game also.


First if this is a second playthrough DELETE game and all save files from hard drive and re-install game. Get to the mission Thin White Line and Beat the boss (Shub-Niggurath) and the fight just outside the police station. After this fight i used up all my tortilla's from my inventory so i could buy one fresh. Then go and do cartmans moms side quest for the brownies, get the juice from the farm (make sure to get the crank) and then go to the taco place. Buy a tortilla and the recipe and eat it there (this TimeFart is kinda OP so use it if wanted, i did alot). Keep progressing the game until you fight Mutant Kyle and it will pop as you use the day/night TimeFart on mutant kyle.


On second playthrough on easy it took me roughly 7 hours from the start of the gane until i popped this trophy.


Hope this helps :)




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thanks for the steps.... worked for me.  Trophy popped when first used in the fight


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