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Is the Enigma Order worth it? And how to get Elements easily?

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Hey, I'm currently doing the Abyss of the Shrine Maiden DLC (I'm on Chapter 1,  mind you) and I have unlocked the Enigma Order prior to that and I want to ask people who did this, is it worth it and helpful? Also, how do I easily get Elements for the Enigma Order so I can cut down on finding them in the fields?

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Enigma orders are only worth if you really care for endgame content. I mean like, end-end-endgame content. The three Shrine Maiden DLC‘s, while being extremely fun, also have an extreme balacing issue. The main story of the DLC‘s is extremely easy to handle, there is not a single difficult fight. Most blue and red chests can also be aquired quite easily and they contain many armor and weapons that easily outclass those of the main game. You will feel overpowered in no time. There are however quite a number of Level 200 HNM‘s that will feel unbeatable. I personally am Level 130 and achieved the ethereal heart weapon through the enigma order and it makes no difference. Those HNM’s kill me in 2 hits. Then there is another enigma order to awaken the weapon, then there is yet another enigma order to give the weapon an aura. The last one can be repeated, with every aura-step making the weapon stronger and stronger. The same thing can of course be done for all enigma weapons and for the armor as well. With every single enigma order however easily taking 3-5 hours of pure grinding, it is simply not worth even starting if you don’t desperately care for beating those HNM‘s. Maybe take on one or two enigma orders and work towards them while playing the DLC‘s is my advice.


As for the elements, random elements on the fields are hard to find, you basically have to run through every area and see if an element notification pops up. It is easier to look at the monsters (NM’s) of the older main quest areas on the map and check if there is an element beside their name. You will then gain the element by defeating the NM. They are powered up, but easy to beat with DLC gear.

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