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For the most part this trophy list is very easy but like all these games depending on mobile companion apps the platinum will be a pain due to needing multiple devices.  There is one needing up to 8 players but it might be possible that the 8 player ones are easily boosted.  You enter the room number into the companion app to join so not sure if you still need to be in range of the PS4 or if you can join the game from anywhere as long as you know the room number.  There would be one trophy that wouldn't work out that way though which is four players needing to score 7500 since without seeing the TV they wouldn't see the questions and you need to do well enough in that to score 7500 while the final round gives negative points for wrong answers. 


The Play With Friends mode can also be played solo against the A.I. if you only have access to one compatible device.  So in theory most of the trophies can be done against the A.I.  Fair warning though one of the A.I. will get pretty much everything wrong, one will fall in the middle and one will pretty much literally be perfect right down to getting constant correct answers in the questimation mini game where you guess a rough estimate of the number of episodes in a TV series for example.  There are even times where the range is 0-1000 and that one A.I. is still getting the exact number.  So don't recommend playing it that way with one exception.  The showdown trophies can be done easily alone against the A.I. eliminating the need for 3+ devices running the companion app.  If you go into custom game and select showdown as the only round it will always make you the leader versus 3 A.I.  Playing five rounds like this will get the 1 vs 2 Showdown trophy and winning one will net you the win a showdown as the leader trophy (When you don't know answers or buzz in fast enough the dumb bot seems to buzz in first a lot for the A.I.). 


The trophies also seem to be a bit glitchy but seems to devs are going to be on top of them since they already patched the trophy for playing with friends.  When I originally didn't get it I thought it needed more than two players but two players is fine now that it is patched.  Ended up getting it in my 9th multiplayer game as a result of the initial glitch so happy they were quick to fix it since the OCD of getting 10 multiplayer games before 1 would have aggravated me 😛 


Scoring 0 points in the single player score attack seems to be glitched still unless the trophy description is misleading.  Could mean getting 0 points on every question and not just ending with a score of 0 points.  Finished with 0 points but got a few questions right..... AKA when I didn't have a clue what the answer was and my random guess ended up right.  This trophy is currently at 0.0%.  


Selecting the same specialist subject during the big finish also didn't unlock for me but has a 20% earned rate so obviously not unobtainable.  Will keep trying.  Might need a patch too though since the multiplayer one was also unlocking for some people and not others before they patched that for some reason.  EDIT: This finally unlocked for me.  A player joining late also took a few attempts so seems some trophies can just be a bit finicky and might take a few tries. 

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