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Evon the Great's Mail


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I'm currently doing a playthrough of Origins and am preparing equipment for the upcoming Grim Reaper trophy for the Golems of Amgarrak add-on. The guide on this site recommends equipping Evon the Great's Mail, and upgrading it with three evasion runes. I have bought the mail from the blacksmith in Denerim but it has no rune slots; only weapons can have enchantments added to them in the base game. I would like to know if rune slots will be added to it when I import the character into a playthrough of Awakening, or if a separate, upgraded set can be purchased from Wade later on at Vigil's Keep? The wiki makes no mention of the armour in relation to Awakening so I can only assume the former scenario to be the case. I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm this for me.


I have tried the Soldier's Peak storage chest exploit, but that didn't seem to work (on collection, some unique weapons are missing their rune slots; temporarily placing them in the chest will restore them).


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