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See here for trophy tips

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Hey there everyone!


This is one of the Arcade Archives in which the most difficult aspect is to figure out the controls.


Fortunately,  I AM CULLY from TrueAchievements.com had already composed a guide, so thank you very much for this (if you ever read those lines :) ).  All credit goes to him.



Make sure to pay attention on his described direction tapping-technique. Furthermore, do as he said and keep the direction pressed if you press it for the second time, this will make the volleyball reach the far / near end of the opponents' field (this helped me out quite a bit).


As for the Original Mode, I found a great method which allows you to rack up 30k points in just one match.

I AM CULLY described that the points you earn after a match are calculated by the time you have left. Therefore, I simply set the game time to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. I've eaned approx. 31600 pts. after the first match, thus I have earned all three score-related trophies at once :)  This is a great way to save you a bit of playtime. Lose the second match and you will be able to register your score online.


The HS Mode was doable as well. I won one match, earned 6100 points and lost the second match without fighting the opponents. I was then able to upload my score.


Best of success to you.


Greetings from Germany!



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