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PSA: All Endings trophy will still pop after you say "yes" to the final questions

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Just in case anyone was wondering.


I freaked out a little because I expected the "Transcendent Being" trophy (and my platinum) to pop at the same time as "The Minds That Emerged" - but when it didn't, I didn't know whether to say yes or no to the final questions of the game in case I needed to do it all over again.


After googling around and struggling to find anything on the topic, I eventually decided "screw it" and said yes - and the trophy did pop after several tense minutes of "will it, won't it".


So for anyone who decided to do all the trophies without using the shop, and left "Transcendent Being" and "The Minds That Emerged" until last, expecting them to pop together - you're safe to answer the final questions in any way you please and your trophies will be safe :)


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