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M9 Blew me away. More of that please!


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WOW! The final mission was so much fun. The first couple missions were good intros, but then they all just kind of got repetitive even with adding new styles of ships and you'd have to figure out how to counter them. 



You start the final mission and you're flying into space to stop the huge ship and its death ray. Then back to Earth to stop the launched ships but you have to hurry back to space in a new location to stop another laser. THEN back to Earth and BACK to space. You're back on Earth and you feel like the game is over and everything is alright until you look up and ship debris is falling from the sky and you have to fly up to break it into tiny pieces before it hits the ground. THEN Tokyo is lifted into the sky and you have to figure out how to stop this ship from crashing it into the ground!

I really enjoyed this game and the flight was awesome. I will say I would love to see it with more budget/polish, a bigger team, and I just wish it had more amazing and diverse action in the whole game like the last mission did. Bravo to this small group of people who made the whole package. I can't wait to see what they do next and what other devs do with this style of game.


If you're thinking of setting this game down or that you've "had enough and you get the concept" find a way to play the last level. Power through it and treat yourself to the first time you've really felt like Superman or "Earth's protector" and saved the planet from an intergalactic invasion like a total bad ass.

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