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Abit of a vent


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 Uhh god dam it all.


I enjoy xcom 2 wotc as much as the next sadist...


 But oh my over f**king god...


 Ive never seen this crash so much

Ive litterly spent 3 maybe 4 hours on this one mission...


 22 initial targets

+ lost hord


 Obj. Kill avatar ( skull jack whats there name to make avatar appear)


 All great and all.

 Squad of 6 w a mind controled gate keeper. * useing there aoe was fun to turn 15+ targets into a thral army and... Resurrecting the lost puts them into the default skin xD so they look like any other advent trooper.  So thats how ya cure them... Ish....




 Every turn or turn ana half.... The games crashing.. Because " sounds of combat draw another swarm" each time adding 10-15 more targets, i love watching them pile out a 2 story building and landing face 1st onto pavement.. Only to not take any damage, then to instantly be slaughtered by a bladestorm unit... Its like a meat blender



But every time or every other 1.5 turn. The game just crashes. :/


 Im dreading my legendary run w wotc active. (  draganova w movement augments and enhancements from the ring ops. She can solo them faciltiys its quite fun tbh)


 But ya


Ffs x.x 200 crash reports later. 


Finnished 5 episodes of an anime and half of cars 3 trying to fin. This mission xD

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