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Is this any good?


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Not in the slightest. It's glitched so I don't think some of the trophies are obtainable, though id have to play some more and get others info to test that theory. 


It's basically a random numbers game where you have cards with stats and try to beat your opponents stats but there is no progression, you can get stuck in loops where neither one of you will win and you have to quit, and there are constant crashes.... I bought the physical copy because I figured it would be kinda fun as a stupid rare game in my collection and popped it in to see if I could be one of the first to 100% it, but even though it would probably only take around 5-10 hours to 100% if all the trophies worked, I still dropped it quite quickly

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Please don't spend £20 on this. I got it for less than that just because I like card games and collect physical Vita games, but it has some issues. It tends to crash frequently when starting a match, and there just isn't that much content. Once you learn the cards in the 6 decks that are included, the game starts to become repetitive. Like X said in the the previous post, it would be about 10 hours to 100% if all trophies worked. I'll copy what I posted about the glitched trophies in a topic on pst:

"It was mentioned at the top of the page, but I can confirm that My Deck and Head 2 Head wins aren't tracking, which would make My Deck and Head 2 Head unachievable.

Edit: I'm just speculating here, but I think there's a good chance Perfect Game! and Gain Perfection 20 Times are also unachievable at the moment. I'm guessing that winning a perfect minigame means beating the cpu opponent in a round without them taking any cards. However, the two minigames mentioned above are the only minigames that you play against the cpu, so if those two are glitched, then any trophies directly related to those modes might be glitched too. I'd love to be wrong about this though. "

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