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See here for trophy tips

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Hey there everyone :)


I have just earned 100% in this game.


Make sure to read my post for The Last Blade 1 as most information given there applies to TLB 2 as well:



Although I tried not to skip the 400k trophy this time, I finished a fight with a little over 600k pts after having about 300 k before that, awarding me the gold trophy for 600k points first (again). Fortunately though, I earned the 400k silver trophy in addition to the golden one, so this time I did not have to load the interrupt save data.


Once again, I encountered problems unlocking trophies in this game. The bronze one was unlocking just fine, but when I reached the 600k mark, neither the golden one nor the silver one popped at first. Therefore I had to switch the system language to Japanese (like for example in Super Baseball 2020) . After I did this, the process I described above took place.


As for the HS mode, I recommend getting a lot of points from the first fight. The further you get, the better the enemies will be able to avoid your attack. I failed with a total of around 189k points and was able to upload my score.


Best of success to you!


Greetings from Germany :) 





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