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Is Campaign 3 glitched?


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So I decided to give the game another go and attempted Campaign 3 many times and for some reason I cannot seem to get my score up to 30 to reach the President rating.. The game only seems to award a max of 20/30 (25 if using the no pause setting aka Trainiac mode) points based on the time (years and months game time) it took to finish the tasks. I have completed 7/7 tasks, and as little 4 or 5 out of 7, yet the game never awards points for completing them.


I've watched youtube videos on the game, and they also only receive 20/30 points and never have the option to get the full share. Now I like to finish tasks quickly, so is this simply as case of going too fast for my own good, or is this a legit glitch and how to get around it?

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