Plague and Cursed Medallion trick

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For anyone having trouble with the medallions, the game saves in every room so you can just upload to cloud and re download when you die. I spent 2 hours on plague and broke a controller before I figured that out...


My recommendation would be to wait until the tree is almost maxed, then when you attempt the curse one make a cloud save on floor 7 because you can get really unlucky with the random weapon. First time I made it there I was stuck with the sticky bomb and couldn't kill him with it. Second time it gave me cards, and luckily I made a cloud save. Took me four attempts to kill him with the cards.


For the Plague Medallion after you finish the cursed or normal run, use deja Vu and cloud save on the first floor, then make another save every floor just to be safe. That way if you die in the middle of floor 5, you can just reload right at the start.


The Plague Medallion is just absolute bullshit doing it the normal way, I kept dying to enemies spawning behind me...

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