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Especially annoying in a game with a speedrun trophy are at least two game breaking bugs. I'm not alone as I've found a few discussions about them elsewhere I just wanted more people to know.


One is in the transition between chapters 4 and 5. You need to find something to boost you up to reach a ladder. When you do and interact with the ladder the next chapter is supposed to load. Unfortunately you find yourself at the bottom of the ladder still in an almost entirely unloaded level. Leaving the room will cause you to fall forever.l forcing a restart.


The second is a random fall through the floor bug that can happen coming out of the barn or the grain silo in the first chapter. I only encountered this once, but it was enough to end my speedrun early.


I read the developer promised a large patch, but it's not come yet as the PS4 version is still 1.0. The first chapter load bug has completely halted my progression in the game as I've tried deleting my save, deleting and reinstalling the game. Next step will be to use my old OG PS4.


Don't get me wrong, I really like the game from the characters and humor to the levels and atmosphere. It's really well done, I just wish I could play it.


EDIT: Tried deleting saves and starting over, deleted the game and started over,  installed on a different PS4 and did another run, all end with chapter 5 loading with me still in the last room of chapter 4 with no way to progress.

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