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Lock picking

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Just as I explained to someone saying they would sell back the game because of the sole purpose of lockpicking, this is not as bad as it seems!


The first times it will be very hard because it is rather hard to figure how it works, and you don't have much room for practicing because of the scarce lockpicks.


But as you train, you level up your skill, it becomes easier in itself (less chance of breaking, and quicker moves) and get more and more used to it.


I myself thought I would completely pass on to the whole mechanic cause I couldn't do a single very easy lock, but in the end I just tried again and again, and by the end of the game I could do very hard locks without effort. Same thing with pickpocketting.


This is how you improve your skill anyway, just try again and again, even failed attempts give you xp. Buy plenty of lockpicks everytime you can, pay the trainers.You will notice improvements quickly enough.


Now if you want tips on the actual thing, on how it works: you have the lock in the shape of a circle, every shape that are in it aren't important, there only purpose is to have visual landmarks. Your goal is to find the point on which the lock will open, you can find it easily when your cursor becomes yellow.


You then need to turn the lock all around, with your stick starting pointing north. Of course the target point will move as your turn the lock, so you have to follow it with your cursor. If the cursor goes too far from the target, it turns grey and your controller vibrates, meaning your lock is starting to break.


Now to make things easier, just know that each time you quit and come back on a lock, the lock is reset, you can use this to your advantage by resetting it until the target is on an easy place, either close to the center (so the target doesn't really move much) or in a place easy to notice, like the upper part bar, or in between cogs...

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