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Clothing glitch need help

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Hey - I know this is an older post but I noticed that you hadn't finished the platinum and I think I may have an answer for you and perhaps anyone else who is trying for the platinum. I don't find this game glitch and I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. In 2019, most of this has been patched so it's worth giving this a shot.


I thought this trophy was glitched too until I realized that this has to be the absolute last trophy you attempt to get. All of the clothes will become available when you:

- have all of the upgrades

- completed 100% of the things you need to do (collectibles, jobs, missions, events, martial arts fight clubs etc.)

- get all of the legendary outfits and wear them all at least once


I had done everything but a random job, and only then did the final two items show up in one of the stores. I was so certain it was glitched but there it was, unlocked after I literally did everything else. The one thing that will throw you off is that the definitive edition comes with at least one car and one clothing that is not part of the standard game ; so the statistics will show you are missing more than you actually need. At the time of my platinum, there was one car I was missing and one baseball cap and the trophy popped regardless. Hope this helps!

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For posterity, the glitch is still there as of 2022. I had recurring issues with missing clothing (mostly from lockboxes, but some from other sources). Most online speculation suggests the lockbox clothing items are glitched. I finally got it by starting a new game and here is what happened.


Short version: The trophy popped for me when I had zero clothing items from lockboxes. The Fashion Victim trophy does say "purchase" all clothing, so it's possible it applies only to store bought clothing items and that the lockbox glitch messes with your general clothing inventory preventing you from getting the trophy.


Longer version: Most troubleshooting advice for missing clothing was to go back to previous saves, but it was impossible to figure out which save I would have to go back to. I tried one, finished collecting all the clothes in the game a second time from that previous save, and still ended up with missing clothing items in my inventory and no trophy. Frustrated but determined, I decided to start from the very beginning, cleared out my four save slots and laid out a plan. Note that clothes are obtained in four ways: Rewards from story missions, rewards from side missions, purchased from in-game clothing stores, collected from lockboxes which are dispersed throughout the map.  My plan: (1) I would complete only the story missions and save. (2) Then I would do all the side missions and make a second save. (3) Then I would purchase all the clothing from stores and do a third save. Up to this point, I would have avoided collecting any lockboxes (even if they contained non-clothing items, just to be safe). (4) Then I would go collect all the lockboxes with clothing items. If at that point, I had missing clothes, I would be able to determine which save to go back to. If the glitch resulted only in missing lockbox clothing, I would only have to redo that fourth last phase. Welp, I never got around to starting the fourth phase. The trophy popped when I purchased my last store-bought clothing item.



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