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Destiny 1 Raids Groups?


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Is it just me or are others finding it near impossible to find a fire-team (competent or otherwise) for raids on Destiny? The app seemingly caters only to Destiny 2 now, making all the raids out of my reach. I'm aiming for the 100% for the game, however the only trophies I've left to obtain are tied to doing the King's Fall and Wraith of the Machine raids, save one trophy for Crucible Supremacy, of which no one's even playing that for me to get either.

Anyone else having the same issue? Or know of a site, or anything, that still has people partying up to raid?

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The game is nearly 3 years old so naturally the player base is going to be more or less stagnant at this point. Although the game has become a lot more active recently after people have realised that Destiny 2 isn't what it was cracked up to be. If you're having trouble finding people to raid with, try entering the social spaces and messaging the people you find in there for help.


There are lots of communities on PS4 that you can join to find people to raid with, just post an ad on one of those and you should be able to a group together.

You can also use this site to find people: http://www.destinylfg.net/

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Sorry for the necro,

But if you are looking for help with the raids my best advice would be to go to the bungie destiny 1 fireteam hub, there are still people doing it so hurry up! Because i think destiny 1 will be dead after the next expansion...

Also isnt that the one where you have to collect stuff if so you can do that in a private match

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