PSA: You Don't Have to Wait until the Flowchart for Trophies

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For anyone interested, you don’t have to wait until the flowchart to get missable trophies in the middle of missions if you’re mopping up. Once you’re done, wait for the next save/load icon in the top right (looks like the blue LED on androids), and you should be ok to quit out and get the trophy!  I can imagine this not working if you don't wait for the next save. 


This worked for 5 or 6 trophies where I had to do some different requirements because it contradicted with my peaceful playstyle (i.e. “Compliant” and “Escape Death”). I found the first one by accident, but did it after a few mid-level ones and it worked every time.


On your original playthrough, I would recommend getting to the flowchart however, as you can’t checkpoint select in the menu until the chapter is over. I’d leave this for post-game clean-up.

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