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A Quick Honest Analysis and Review:


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I had this bought to me by a very good friend [Digital Download] in June; whom knows I love the MG Solid franchise:

He was not aware that that MG Survive is not a MG Solid Game so I didnt tell him in case it sounded like a whinge on my part:


And who am I to complain; especially when presented with a freebee from a Friend:

So I played a little of the game after the introduction Epilogue in June 2018 and wasnt feeling it or up to playing it:

TBH I think this was due to the fact I had watched a number of pre and current release live streams where a large percentage of the Ops/Players on them were really analyzing the game in depth and nit picking at the game and saying how it was junk; how its terribly slow; non purposeful and not "Hideo Kojimas" real work:


This did honestly influence my perception of the game: But in the end; it worked in favour for my experience of the Survie experience:

 See my Mantra is "I am a gamer so I`ll try any Game given the chance"


Most streamers/ops at the time were complaining about "problems" from the beginning of the game as though they were permanent features:

Examples were how slow the character could walk/run: How tasks seemed pointless like having to pick up multiple parts of metal / rubber/ wood rubber materials one by one and how slow the process was: But this defines a gameas survival: All tasks seem  pointless to begin with but they become something and are progressive: This is what makes it fun: Progression and the noticeable changes as you progress:


Those who play it by now; surely know it is a true Survivalist Game: And those item pickups; they change later in the game as your tools and skills improve:

Example: The multiple pick ups [which feel annoying at the time] change to picking up faster and then full Fulton extracting of a whole container:


As of now; after much `seemingly pointless map exploration` I am actually excited about playing it: Looking forward to it as I am feeling the progress in the current game play; which is actually very very good; which stands in stark contrast to what I was thinking about it prior to starting it: 

The game itself does become ultra hard and the list of items/crafting/outpost building materials can be a bit overwhelming at first:

Also to note: This games hows no mercy when youre in misty or undiscovered terrain and begin starving to death and or running out of Oxygen:


This is one of the harder things about it: When you die for example in the in the middle of 2 - 3 hours of items/goods farming it takes you back to base with NONE of the items you just farmed: There is an option at times to find them by "Find The lost item box" which helps: ALSO When you select Save and Exit:

Make sure you wait for the MG Survive "Press Options" screen: I warn you because when I rescued my first Survivor and brought he/she back to base and when I saved; I simply closed the game and had to redo the entire Mission:


Checkpoints and Manual Saves are practically non existent;with one exception; fast travel from and back to your Outpost Base or run across the invisible outpost checkpoint line which is there to autosave when you arrive back to base via Wormhole travels:



BUT: If you stick with it; the game play starts to change up as the story [which is quite good] slowly unravels:  I am now at Skill Level 10 [which took some time] and I am quite enjoying the game in its current state: I think if any gamer is into the Survivalist theme; then this is a game you should get: There are 52 trophies in total and I currently have  12 of 52 Trophies as of August 4th 2018 of them: My last trophy I got was called:


*Defender ... You successfully defended your outpost for the first time*

This trophy is earned after defending your outpost against the first wanderer attack at the end of chapter 8.


So in summation; I would recommend this game to those who can endure Extreme Survival or those who have played Fallout 4 and enjoyed it [Survivor Mode or Hard]

Its not like The Last of Us in the aspect of a linear timeline: BUT I have much more to learn as I have literally only completed 10% of 52 trophies:


All in all I would give this an easy 7.8 out of 10: I will revisit this post as I progress in the game:


Here are some Screenshots: Notice the Virgil = AI Pod from SURVIVE is the PHANTOM PAIN POD:  POD = REAL BOSS
















Thats all Folks: For now:

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On 8/7/2018 at 2:59 AM, LucienNL said:

Good to hear that you came back to give this fun game a 2nd chance. It doesnt deserve the hate. 


I will rate this game a 8/10. Its better than The Phantom Pain in my opionion.


MG Survive is easily 8/10 now and progressing upwards in the Fun to Rage factor: I think I am getting a little bit; or rather I am addicted to playing it: In fact its become a "Guilty Pleasure" as they say:


14 out of 52  Trophies thus far: I hope this game stays around: It has lots of potential:


Just got the following trophy:



6S26c4dc.png Digger
You digged Iris Energy for the first time
11th Aug 2018
1:19:59 PM




Onwards and upwards as they say: Cheers:

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