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VR Mission trophies not unlocking

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So i completed Kakashi's special mission and both Sakura and Lee's mission but didnt get the trophy for any of them. I had the same problem with basic training but i thought that was because of the loading screen froze so i tried again after that and got the trophy for it. But with these 3 missions the loading screen didnt freeze because at least thats finally fixed now but i didnt get any of them. I tried doing kakashi's special mission again for the 2nd time and still no trophy.


Was wondering if anyone else had this issue, im liking the game quite a lot but its really broken atm.


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Hi, some trophies can glitch for a few people. I had the Kakashi VR Mission glitched on me too. How to get the glitched trophies is to simply backup your save file on PS+ Cloud or a USB Drive. 


After you saved your data, Make a new game/Create a New Character. Play the VR Missions that you need the trophies for and they should unlock as intended.


That is how I got my Kakashi trophy by replaying the first 2 VR Missions on a new game.


After you have your glitched trophies, redownload your save data. You will have everything you did on that save file. Even your online wins will still be the same. 


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