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Save break point warning


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This game lags continously,  i did some theories before the last edit about freezes, but now i figured out what's the problem.

The point of no return is close to what  we can call the point of break, once you talk with your spirit for the first time on the skull island or reach 1 mage of the quest he gives to you, all saves done from now, anywhere, in any circumstance, will break, there seems to not be a workaround (rescue the mages before talk to spirit doesn't work), this means that you musn't leave trophies or quests to do once you reach this point, so this also means that everytime you fail the final boss you must rescue all the mages again and retry the boss, all in 1 shot.


Another freeze and relative issue is if you save/load during a spell, corrupting the save you chose, so watchout.







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