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PSA: huge bug and how to solve it


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Note: I'm talking below of the european PS4 version because it's the one I played but it's possible the problem is present in other versions too. Please comment if you have been able to reproduce it in other versions.


I bought on its release day the deluxe edition on the french PSN store. I began to play and found immediatly several problems:

-In mission mode, I was stuck on the loading screen after I picked the mission
-Match evaluation always gave me 0%

I tried to delete the game and reinstall it: same problems.

Then I remembered similar-looking problems I got with another game so I tried something: I changed the system language of my PS4 to english (like I said I'm French) and restarted the game. It worked! Problems are gone.

I found it very sad in 2018 some games are still released without this kind od basic stuff being tested. I will try to contact Spike to see if they can correct that in a future update but at least there is workarounds for now. I hope it can help.

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On 10/01/2019 at 4:55 PM, AenigmaMagister said:

“Bathroom break” and “League debut”, I can’t get those trophies because maybe bugged.


Any suggestion?


Edit: “Bathroom break” trophy no more needed.


Edit #2: “League debut” trophy no more needed.


How you did the Bathroom Break trophy? All my matches ends with 100% evaluation.Including 1 minutes countouts, lol.

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