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Theory: VC5 with US/Asia setting?


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I like to read up any lore a game is offering me and, especially with the VC series, I love how each member is unique with their own stories. That being said can't I help but to think that the creators left a hint regarding the setting of the next VC - if they are making one that is.


The glossary entry for Vinland (The United States of Vinland) informs that they didn't involve them directly into the war between Federation and Empire, but supported the Federation with money, weapons and technology. They are an oversea country and eg the mortars or the ship tech is provided by them.

It doesn't need much to identify them as their version of the USA.


One of your members, Azusa, does not only look Asian but reveals during her squad story that she's from a country in the "far east" and doesn't want to return.

Her "what she did after war" personell entry however informs that she went back to her homecountry, as their relations with Vinland are worsening every day and another big war is on the brink of break out.


With the way VC4 ended is Europes history of that time more or less covered up, especially if we take the heavy stuff from the first game into the count.


Dunno, but for me does it look like a big (if small) hint on the next setting. And considering that the US was involved there a few times (WWII and Japan, Korea, Vietnam) there is a lot they could cover for a game. 

Just my thoughts. Am I imagining things here?

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Azusa's entry does hint at a potential Pacific War analogue, but I'll believe it when I see it. So far they've been very conservative with the settings of the games. I mean, they made all the major characters Gallians in this game despite us nominally finally getting to control a different faction.

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I read every character personnel entry and it didn't go unnoticed for me either.




Since VC4 didn't perform well, I can see remastering VC3 as the safest bet. They have to develop something new, in any case.

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I would love that :D VC1 and 4 and amazing and I think that a US-Japanese war would be a great setting. If sega did something right with the story it was bringing the villains to life in a very reletable way :D Imagine what they could do with this part of WW2?
As for Korea and Vietnam, I don't know I think we should stick to WW1 and 2 altough I could be proven wrong :D

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