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How do i beat salt shaker?


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Been at it for a while..i can not even get past the first conveyor/sawblade. How am i supposed to shoot off the belt? Like what buttons am i supposed to be holding. i Feel like i either just jump off to the far left or i lose all traction and nothing seems to happen in general. I watched some vids but since they dont explain it it helps absolutely 0

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2 hours ago, S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y said:

Hold your Sprint button and drive upwards with the conveyor, when you reach around 70-80% of the conveyor press Left and fly over the Sawblades.


Just keep trying its one of the hardest Levels. :D


I feel like thats exactly what im doing, but either its "too late" and meat girl just continues into the sawblade, or i fall off the belt with no momentum and drop to my death(even when i starting from the bottom of the belt)

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