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I'd say it's definitely the harder of the two, but there's not a lot in it. There is a difficult boss to fight before the main boss in this game. I found him to be harder than the 70-man battle when I first played, but it's not as much time lost when you fail. Also depends how good you are at QTEs as 2 uses them a lot more, including in said boss fight.

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If the 70 man was hard then you were probably underleveled. Your level is basically leveling the skills you have so they do more dmg etc. Also only the 70 man last guy is tougher than the rest since you can let the other dude do most of the work if you know where to stand and let them just come to u. (he doesnt help on the final guy) Also if you go to the next area with the larger space, you can technically run around till your life is full to fight the harder enemies. I played it safe and everytime my life drop to half i ran around a little and bam its full HP again.

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