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Hearthfire Bug


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I’m experiencing a bug that is stopping me from getting the simple “Master Architect” trophy. I’ve already completed Heljarchen Hall, and Lakeview Manor but I can’t even begin Windstad Manor. When I use the drafting table it only shows the options for one or both of the other homesteads, i.e. I can’t choose to build a small house. 


I’ve experienced bugs throughout the Hearthfire expansion, for example, the carpenter’s workbench having no options until I repeatedly visit the drafting table, the workbenches showing items I’ve already crafted, the mannequin duplicating items, etc. These have frustrated me but I was ultimately able to fix them. I haven’t been able to fix this, so I’m unable to get the trophy. I have of course already Googled the problem but I haven’t had any success.


Any help is appreciated! 



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I've had success with these exact types of glitches by doing other things in the game, go for other trophies and quests, and coming back to this later after the game has had a chance to reset itself.  Plus if you have a save from before you started it then you can resort to that after trying the above a few times...  Good luck! 

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That’s what I’ve settled on doing, and I’ll reload an earlier save if I must. But, get this – I started “The Break of Dawn” quest for the Deadra related trophies and I encountered yet another bug (I kept falling to my death). It’s astonishing just how badly made Bethesda games are. I sincerely regret starting this game for a nostalgia kick. 

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