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Does REPLAY'ing missions for GOLD still count?


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So it really sucks when you do a mission and then AFTER it you get a bronze cause you werent fast enough or didnt dead eye someone -- so my topic question is, after a bronze mission is complete -- can we press Triangle to REPLAY that mission again (after knowing the mission details) OR do we have to wait till end game???



I ask cause some games are the type that require you to finish the game to go back and re-do missions later. I'd much rather just redo and get GOLD while things are still freh in my memory.


Input would be nice, thanks!

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You also need to do all the requirements for the gold medal in the same run, unlike GTA V where you could go back and work on one requirement at a time. It is highly recommended not to do any missions where you have to ride your horse to a specific location in a set amount of time, aside from Who is Not Without Sin, which is simple enough to do in a mission replay. I didn't replay any missions while trying to finish the story because I thought it would allow me to use the character that I had upgraded throughout the game, but the game instead gives you a crappy version of your character and horse, which makes it more difficult to complete the mission with the replay option compared to playing it the first time. If you want to further ruin your first playthrough, you could make a manual save before you do a mission, then back up that save before you play a mission and after you've done the mission for the first time, if the requirements seem doable enough then you can get your old save back and do the gold medal run with your old save. 

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