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Hi all,


I didn't get the trophies for beat the final boss and the collectibles one.


Any idea of what's happening here?


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Buenas Rafi.

Yo jugué una partida entera de principio a fin sin salir del juego pero a mitad de partida cometí el error de pulsar el botón PS y salir al HOME. Puede que tenga algo que ver. Me toca repetirlo completo de principio a fin. Lo haré en una sola sesión e intentaré no morir. Menudo coñazo y dolor de cabeza en verdad.

Escribo sin saber si ya lo tienes o no, a lo mejor ya lo tienes.


For anyone out there. Same thing happened to me some minutes ago. This is what I did:

- I play an entire game from start to finish in one session. Everything was normal.

- I pushed the PS HOME button sometime but without closing the game.
- Same trophies are bugged for me now.

Tomorrow I will do one play again in one session. Game is a little bit hard. I would give him a 6/10 more or less (Check my profile, I got several HARD games completed, even world records).

This is another case like Michael Jackson - The Experience for PSVITA, Planet 51 or History: Great Battles Medieval from PS3. Every guide tells us "hey, relax, this is an easy game, 2/10, 3/10 max"  but then you play them and you're fucking destroyed by anonymous rapers each time you try to beat them.


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I've already done.

The key is to not die at all in the entire game. If that happens, fast exit and reload, that's it. Good luck.


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