Batman telltales problem for ps3

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I need help :
Just bought a physical coppied of Batman Telltales for my ps3.
I've update to the latest version of the game but when i completed the episode 1 , the game crash and i can't dowload the episode 2 ( coming soon ??? ) despite the game said that i already purchased the season pass and the dlc have been released for years . Please help :'(


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Yes...that is Batman for PS3...the game fucking sucks.


My saved data got erased 3 times. It hard crashed on me more times than I could count, I would have to keep redownloading my chapters.


Have you tried to download from inside the game? I had to personally delete my game to get things to download again (I also bought the physical copy).


The PS4 version ran much better (which still didn't fix Chapter 5 from being one of the stupidest Tell Tale chapters of all time) but for the PS3 version prepare to be frustrated over and over and over.


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