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I stumbled on this glitch while leveling up my character. When you start princess heart laser attack just shortly after hitting an blue orb to start a challenge, just when the red text appears. It can end up becoming glitched and attacks a lot faster. About 10 times faster. All enemies regardless of how much health drop dead instantly. If this is combined with the failed combo challenge you can farm faster than before. Especially when the combo challenge gives you lots of strong enemies.


Failed combo challenge leveling method is when you kill all the ememies from the orb challenge but fail it because you didn't do a 4 combo attack. You can repeat the challenge an infinite amount of times. Princess heart can't combo so you will always fail it.


The glitch can take a couple tries before it activates so it is recommended to keep that laser going until you are out of repairs. After a while the laser will disappear but is still active. You want to save frequently because it drops frames and causes the sound to be broken. I had a fatal error just after hitting level 70 because I just kept on going.


I went from 60-70 in 3 hours.




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This method works well. Although I don’t think this is a glitch. Rather, I think that is the Princess Heart’s form of a critical hit, which is affected by the Int stat. I noticed at max Int and with wearing artifacts that provide a boost to the Intelligence stat, I’m hitting that OP laser attack around 1 out of 3-4 tries, which is much more frequently than when my intelligence stat was at 1. 

If you look at the description for the intelligence stat in the character menu, it says it affects the chances of a critical strike for wildcard weapons, which is the class that Princess Heart is in, so it makes sense. It’s just a very OP critical strike, because it is sustained as long as you hold the button down.


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