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Sprint Issue


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I'm having an issue with the sprint button, which I also found apparent in Hitman 1, but to a lesser degree. 47 will just keep walking even when I push in L1 and push the left stick all the way forward. Even when I do manage to sprint, he'll just randomly stop at times. I noticed that this doesn't happen if I run in any other direction.


I posted this under Hitman 2 because the issue only seems to occur with these games. I've been able to sprint in other games without any issues. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, is there a fix for this?

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Just checked it and you're right, it's an issue with the controller. Seems that other people experience the same issue only with this particular game. I'll probably just hold off on playing Hitman until I buy a new controller when they go on sale. Don't see the point of sending in my controller to Sony or trying to fix the controller when it works fine with every other game.

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6 hours ago, adam1984123 said:

I have the same issue with one of my controllers too. It doesn't effect any other game, only this one from what I can tell. Using another controller works fine for me. 

I'll have to buy a new controller since the other controller I tested the game with has a broken d-pad. Or I could just play the game without sprinting, but that might become tedious.

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