Starlight Keyblade x2????

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So after seeing some speedruns of this game, I saw that you get the Starlight Keyblade after an epic battle in the story. But you can get it early by doing some DLC event that is probably not available in Union X, the mobile game. The issue I have is, do you get nothing after the epic story battle since you already have the Starlight? Square-Enix dropped the ball then, they should have given you a different DLC keyblade for doing those stupid Classic Kingdom things in Union X, like the Moogle of Glory. Is there any different between the Starlight you get in the game or the one you get as DLC. I will probably delete the DLC then. Square-Enix is stupid to give us a weak-sauce Keyblade at the endgame after offering it as DLC, which is so stupid. It's as bad as locking the best Aero and Cure magic to endgame content. 😠

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