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My playthrough of Dishonored 2


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Hey everyone, first of a lot of thanks to Akrioz for an amazing D2 trophy guide. I would also like to add, that make sure to abuse quick save/quick load function. It helped a lot in different situations and also earned some trophies while going for - Shadow/Clean Hands trophies. I even managed to get - Bullet reflection related and sliding marksman trophy, simply using quick save/quick load trick and still managed to finish the game without any kills. Same thing applies to target kills. Killed Duke in mission 8, got trophy, reloaded quick save and I eliminated him in non-lethal way for low chaos. Also same thing for Acrobat and Rogue. Some of the miscelanous trophies can be earned during low chaos playthrough without a problem. Even using chapter select. But sadly Mission+ mode disables trophies at some point. Anyways wanted to write this for anyone who reads this.


Thanks and bye!

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