Ever "The People's Champion" is glitched - possible solutions

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"All quests" trophy being rarer than "100%" is no coincidence, this trophy is glitched and not knowing what to do might result in unpleasant results. For example, i'll have to redo the whole game - there's no skipping, since you need mithril bricks for mithril items, used for red brick quests, minikits and treasures from levels are also needed to get those bricks, the only thing that you can really skip is buying the characters, but that's nothing. :(


Because i don't want to soon start my 3rd save i've looked for solutions and i've found two.


1. Hide and Seek quest in Lake-Town can glitch in a way, that you'll get the mithril brick without completing the quest, though quest won't be counted as completed and percentage won't rise. Simply come back to Lake-Town, find the girl who gives you this quest and complete it.


2. This is less of a solution but more of a warning, what not to do. The quest is avaiable at all times, i. e. day and night. The important thing is, that you should NOT  complete it at night, because it's avaiability then is glitched - everything will count except the completed quest for the trophy. I suggest putting that quest as the last one, doing as much as possible (you should be left with Hide and Seek and one red brick quest), copy the save to your USB/PS+ cloud, finish the quest, forge the item for red brick and finish the quest for the last red brick. Then it should pop. If it didn't, reload the save, try again or change the time in the camp (second option should not be required).


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It seems like I'll have to make a third playthrough, because one set of quests doesn't appear when it should, so - don't unlock characters via cheat codes.


Nevermind, i forgot that the quest with the ghost of dwarf king was put just behind the level banner. Was scared, because i thought that unlocking him via cheats made the quests disappear.


You're good to go with cheat codes.

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