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I found the petals to be the most annoying resource since the flowers are rare and don't yield many petals, plus they're used for everything from keeping your sheep alive, planting trees, and expanding your pasture. But I found a strategy, which I call Plan B, that lets you farm petals a little bit faster:


1. When a flower is ready to be harvested, click twice to get 2 petals.

2. Then have a sheep start eating the flower. They will be inflicted with lust about halfway through eating the flower, so yank them away as soon as they get lust.

3. Have another sheep of the opposite gender eat the rest of the flower.

4. Force the two sheep to go to bone town.

5. When the heart appears, do not inseminate a cloud. Instead if you wait a short while, the heart will be aborted and turn back into petals, but it still gives you 3 even though you already harvested 2.


With Plan B, you can get 5 petals from a single flower instead of 3.


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