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I recently found some old notes I took when I played this game. Before I go any further I would say if you haven't bought this game yet, then don't. It was definitely one of those disappointments that I had to force myself to complete. Moving on, I wrote down the costs for everything as I was playing. Apologies if anything is incorrect. I can't even remember when I played this, but I know it had been awhile.

Stork             LVL 1          LVL2         LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank     1000           1250          1500
HP                1000           1250          1500
Speed          1000           1250           1500

It costs 8775 to purchase the Chassny

Chassny       LVL 1          LVL2          LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank     2000           2500           3000
HP                2000          2500           3000
Speed          2000           2500           3000

It costs 10050 to purchase the Anonza

Anonza          LVL1           LVL2         LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank      4000           5000          6000
HP                4000           5000          6000
Speed           4000           5000          6000

So for everything you need 97575.

Sorry in advance if all my columns are all over the place.


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Is it really that bad? I'm a plane simulator fan and now it's on sale for 3€... How long does it takes to complete it?


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