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I had an idea to use a macro or other such program to record parts of my Level 24 journey. Using the PS4 Remote Play on my PC, I would then playback these recorded parts and save effort on failed runs and get up to the actual hard parts, the shift-jumping just before the checkpoint. If I can get this to work, I would be able to share these recorded files and make defeating this disastrously designed level much easier for everyone trophy-hunting this game. I have not yet found a program that works perfectly, if I did I wouldn't be typing this. So here is what I have tried so far.


If you know of programs like this, please share the name, you do not need to share a link.


I found Ghost Control from the XP grinding guide for Injustice. And it works okay, but it has a few major flaws. First, I could only use my keyboard. Makes it much more record a successful portion of the level. Secondly, the playback of a successful portion has never worked. I do not know why. Jumps don't go far enough to clear the first spike set. Perhaps when it records the holding of the jump button, and the movement input it is alternating them in a way that reduces their performance. A bit too technical for me to understand. 


I found PS4 Macro (v052), from a random search. This works way better then Ghost Control, as I could use my PS4 controller itself as the input device. Uses the touchpad to start and stop recording. However, for whatever reason the playback of recorded portions also failed miserably to succeed past the first set of spikes. I think it is a similar issue with Ghost Control when it tries to playback my inputs, as it does so with keyboard controls.


Now I have found and have yet to even get to work, DS4Windows. It is giving me a hassle and a half to even get my controller recognized. After fiddlign with it for just ever my remote play session started to crash repeatedly. I wonder why...


I will update this with new macros and other tool-assisted-speedrun program stuff as I come across it and try it. 





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