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Hey, I know it's possible to get all misc trophies post game so I'm wondering if it's possible/efficient to just plow through the story alone on survivor, get the trophy at the end of it and then lower difficulty to get everything else? Or it will be too tough without enough upgrades and I necessarily need to explore?

I just don't wanna get frustrated by some later combat encounters. 


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You can’t change the difficulty when you play on Survivor.


None of the combat encounters are too bad, but I would personally recommend at least doing the Challenge Tombs as you go, as the upgrades you get from them make things easier. 


Also the combat in the open world is very simple as there are barely any enemies (the main combat encounters are all story related), so the difficulty doesn’t really matter anyway for all the collectibles. Therefore you may as well try and get them as you go to save as much back-tracking. A couple of the misc combat-related trophies might be easier on lower difficulties but you can do them on chapter select at any difficulty if you struggle to do them in the main game.


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