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Is the final boss suppose to take half your life bars away?


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Hey everyone, this is the first time i posted anything. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask questions, but i have something annoying happening to me as Im fighting the final boss. right as soon as i start the final boss, i noticed that half of my health bars have been taken away. I have tried restarting the game and it still gives me 5 cubes of health. I checked everywhere online about it and havent found a single solution. please help me :/

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Never heard of the diminished health issue you are having and it's been a long time. I played this on an older account and I do remember the final boss to be pretty challenging until I got the method down though. You might need to face the prospect of trying to beat the encounter with the health you have. I don't think it would be impossible like that, but might take a few tries.

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